Laurence Melloul's Patents and Publications

Transparently capturing the causal relationships between requests across distributed applications. Laurence Melloul, Alex Weinert. Patent assigned to MS. January 23, 2007

Reusable Functional Composition Patterns for Web Services. Laurence Melloul, Armando Fox. ICWS 2004

Towards Zero-Code Service Composition. Emre Kiciman, Laurence Melloul, Armando Fox. HotOS 2001

CPAM, A Protocol for Software Composition. Laurence Melloul, Dorothea Beringer, Neal Sample, Gio Wiederhold. CAiSE 1999

CLAM: Composition Language for Autonomous Megamodules. Neal Sample, Dorothea Beringer, Laurence Melloul, Gio Wiederhold. COORDINATION 1999

A Reuse and Composition Protocol for Services. Dorothea Beringer, Laurence Melloul, Gio Wiederhold. SSR 1999